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Ukrainian women for sale. Dirty but lucrative business:

In 1997 in Hague there was accepted a declaration of European recommendations for effective measures of prevention and struggle with women’s trafficking with the aim of their sexual exploitation. This declaration defines women’s trafficking as ‘any actions aimed at legal or illegal entry, transport, stay or export of women from the territory of a country with the aim of their profitable sexual exploitation, enforcement, including violence, threats and deceit, abuse of power or authority or other forms of pressure, consequent on which a person has no real and satisfactory choice but obey to an illegal act.’
Another definition of ‘girls for sale’ is contained in the Ukraine’s Criminal Code: ‘Explicit or secret seizure of a person connected with a legal or illegal transport with or without agreement of a person across the state border of Ukraine or without it for further sale or other paid delivery with the aim of sexual exploitation, use in porn business, involving in criminal activity, debt bondage, adoption with a commercial aim, use in armed conflicts, exploitation of one’s labor.’

Anzhelika, 35 y/o   Olga, 38 y/o   Julia, 34 y/o

In legal practice and in criminal judicial examinations the term ‘Ukrainian girl for sale’ is used in case if:

- A woman who left the country as a bride didn’t know that she would work as a prostitute or was deceived in relation to circumstances she was going to work in;
- A girl is not free to make her personal decision if she wants to work as a prostitute;
- A woman is made to give out her earned money to other persons;
- A Ukrainian woman is laden with debts she has to pay out before she can manage her own earnings and decide freely if she can stop this activity earlier than she gets her passport;
- A girl is constantly under control of other persons;
- A woman is limited in free movement or a possibility of communication with other people

Sex trafficking is not just a form of expressions of violence but also a fundamental human rights’ abuse. And one should consider a phenomenon of ‘Ukrainian brides for sale’ and forms of struggle with it in this context.

Juliya, 33 y/o   Olga, 36 y/o   Natalya, 39 y/o
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