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Characteristics of Ukrainian women. How western men see them.

Men polled by sociologists on dating sites distinguish 3 main characteristics of women:
1. Outer and inner beauty
2. Smart and education (we have already discussed such characteristics before)
3. Faithfulness to family ideals

Today many legends exist about Ukrainian girls abroad. Some consider them the most beautiful women in the whole world, others avoid their society thinking that a word ‘Ukrainian’ is a synonym for ‘anyone’s’. In this article you can read how Ukrainian women are taken abroad and what men think of them.
The main sticking point between Russian women and foreign men is family roles division. No matter how modern we are, the well-known rule of 50x50 is not for our girls, and nearly all questioned men complained of that. Hardships emerge when it goes about serious relationships between a Ukrainian girl and a European man. In their traditional manner, Slavic women are ready to give everything to their man and do everything for him, and they expect the same from him. Europeans can understand this not at once and they start serious relationships not as often as Russian men would do it. That is here where cultural barriers emerge. Because serious relations don’t mean the same for a western man as they do for a Slavic girl. A common flat, a wedding and children is not the first thing that a western man starts thinking of when a relationship begins to be serious. He is more concerned of a practical side of a problem. It means a common and fair cost allocation for a financial provision to depend not of him only.

Juliya from Simferopol   Valeriya from Kiev   Oksana from Mikolayiv

A wish to get married and register one’s relationships and have children is unusual for many foreigners. In western countries people can date for decades and official relationships can’t be registered even after children are born. Ukrainian women don’t believe in relationships which are unlegalized.
European women are more independent and more career-oriented. They strive for self-development, and create a family nearly ten years later than Russian ones. Their aim is to be happy in relationships and only then give birth to a child, not the opposite. Ukrainian girls, however, acquire from their early childhood that family and children are the main aim in life and there is no career for them anymore. They are ready to leave everything for bringing up a child who is sometimes more important for them than a man whom they love.

Alina from Lugansk   Masha from Odessa   Marina from Kharkov

A saying ‘beauty requires sacrifice’ seems to be in every desperate Russian girl’s blood. Such a girl never parts with high heels and mini-skirts even when it is frosty outside. Such a style of clothing is another cultural shock for an unprepared foreigner. Girls from Ukraine are notable for their reverent attitude to their female principle. They take so much effort just to look attractive. They wear skirts instead of jeans, take care of their hairstyle and do make-up every day. Femininity is taking on them. It can be seen in their gestures, looks, clothes. Their sureness in their femininity often turns them to femme fatal.
Men are also often surprised by Ukrainian women being strong. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s true. Ukrainian women are very strong but feminine at the same time. This power (emotional and physical one) appears in them due to upbringing in society where a number of men is less then a number of women in which connection many women have to undertake men’s functions –support their mothers, younger brothers and sisters.

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