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Ukrainian woman in bed: attitude to sex depends on her age.

Psychologists proved that priorities in sex of women, not only Ukrainian ones, change greatly with years. That’s why demands to one’s partner are completely different. Let’s try to understand these age nuances and a way to any Ukrainian beauty’s heart will be open for you.

Elena from Nikolaev   Natalya from Kherson   Kristina from Yuzhnoukrainsk

If she is 18-20...
In this age any Ukrainian girl is open to everything new, she easily gets acquainted with new people, wants to travel the whole world. She is daring in relationships and wants to try everything. But she is still unsure in herself sexually – she is often interested in practice more than theory. She expects from a man first to accept her social circle. If your choice is 20 you will have to talk with her about her friends but not avoid them. It is important to remember their names and see a difference. When they are twenty, girls like to spend time in cheerful companies, that’s why parties, openings of shows, premieres are their favorite events.
What does she look for in a man? A sense of humor, communicativeness and charisma. And for him to treat her mother well. In this age, Ukrainian girls are very much devoted to their parents and they understand no criticism to their address. She will let you play the main role in bed. And it is meant that you will also want to try various kinds of caressing. And don’t forget to cheer. She is probably still quite unsure and needs your praise and directions.

Anna from Kiev   Inna from Feodosiya   Mariya from Dnepropetrovsk

If she is 30
30 is taken by a Ukrainian woman as an important barrier after which one exactly has to grow up, give birth to children and meet the second half. If she is older than 30 she is financially stable, sure in herself and stands firmly on her feet. She expects from life not a career development, the second higher education or a journey round the world but a feeling of happiness. She literally looks for it everywhere. And she often finds it in sex which she likes more than young girls do.
It will be a mistake to take her to parties. The best place for dates is her own house with a dinner she has cooked herself. Or a talk in a comfortable café, a concert of organ music, a lecture on Ayurveda. And no friends and mothers, only you and she.
Ladies of this age know their body well, its abilities and wishes, that’s why they are ready to be leaders in sex. You will have just to listen and say how you like it. She needs your admiration not for praise but to understand that you are getting not less pleasure than she does.

Dasha from Sumy   Marina from Kharkov   Irina from Starobelsk

If she is 40-45...
A forty-year-old woman is amazingly self-assured. Probably, because she has not just a financial stability but children as well. Sometimes she is even rude and too straightforward in her demands and evaluations. She expects from a man a firm character, knowing of what he needs and compliments – a thousand every day as a minimum.
The only thing she can doubt is her attractiveness. That’s why forty-year-old Ukrainian ladies like compliments and even an obvious flattery very much. Praise her much. It’s the main thing you need. In bed she is as well insatiable as a thirty-year-old, but she is ready to pay more attention at your pleasure. According to statistics, 46% of women of this age are ready for sex on the first date.

Another issue one has to pay attention at is the following. A Ukrainian wisdom says:
A woman of 20 is like Africa – far, mysterious, hot, inapproachable!!!
A woman of 25 is like India – beautiful, sure in her beauty, passionate but very inapproachable.
A woman of 30 is like America ¬– democratic, rich, independent but very expensive!!!
A woman of 35 is like France – beaten throughout but still evoking a great interest.
A woman of 40 is like Yugoslavia – did many mistakes, lost the war but still evokes interest!
A woman of 45 is like Russia – likes to drink, have fun. Nobody is defending the borders.
When she is 50 a woman is like Mongolia – has a glorious historical past, but unfortunately no future.