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Sex in ukrainian womens life. who is more passionate, more sexual and hotter? Ukrainian women or wom

1.     How does a woman treat herself?

A Ukrainian woman knows that she is a woman, and she likes it. Deeply inside she feels herself affactionate, week and sexual human being created for love, family and children.
American woman knows that she is a personality and has the same rights for self-affimation  as any man. In other words her inner world doesn’t differ from his world that much.

2.     How does a woman look?

Ukrainian women are sufficiently slender  in a majority. American women try to look after themselves but slow-moving style of life, fast food and laziness do their job.
Ukrainian women use make up, pay a lot of attention to their hair style, dye hair and use nail polish. To look outstanding American women use make up rarely. It is considered a bad form. Bright make up and fluffy hair use prostitutes and women of easy virtue.

3.     How do women dress up?

Ukrainian women try to look beautiful. They wear sufficiently sexy clothes, they like slinky cobweb clothes, that accentuate and show the values of their figure like breasts, slim legs, hips etc. For a hot Ukrainian woman to lose her sexuality means to lose feminity and good self appraisal. BUT, don’t think that we are talking about sexuality
as the means of to have sex. Sexuality is an attempt to be desired. Sexuality which inspires men to captivate her again and again
American women wear baggy clothes, which hide all the forms of their body, breasts, legs. In Ukraine it’s a quite common opinion that an American woman it is a picture of wide jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts. And inside of all this is a personality. This style, from Ukrainian wife point of view, is an absolute lack of taste. This happens only because slinky gowns, short skirts and very thin materials allow themselves only movies stars and only those women who hint at sex – at home.

4.     Sex in woman’s life

Sex is a good thing when everything is good for everyone. In Ukraine, like in the former Soviet Union this subject was a secret discussion, now sex is fun, it tones up and embarrasses.  IN Ukraine people like to joke, to hint and not talk about it overt. We finally came across flirt! Speaking about jokes…

In Ukraine they say that ‘every satisfied  woman is a step to satisfied Ukraine’. Another one is ‘every joke has a bit of a joke’ Here we have a conclusion that sexual satisfaction in the FSU is an emotional and important subject. Sexual satisfaction and family happiness are values that go together. That’s why in Ukraine for 100 marriages there are only 80 divorces. American women think about sex simpler. They can easily discus their oral sex experience in front of the video camera on any channel on TV. Sex is something that we can, need and use for health. And it has nothing to do with marriage. The destiny of America doesn’t depend on the sexual satisfaction of American women. Then why not experiment?  It looks like with these experiments Americans reached top results. That’s why they are not in a hurry to get married and have children, who are the results of simple sex. In the end, for 100 marriages, there are 300 not registered....:)