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Ukrainian blonde girls. Charm of youth, feminine beauty, sexuality and attractiveness women

If in any Ukrainian city – Kiev or Dnipropetrovsk, Nikolayev or Kherson equally pretty brunette and blonde girls will pass in front of a foreign man the majority will turn in the direction of the blonde one. It’s just a fact. The results of sociological pollings held by Ukrainian dating agencies assert that 47 per cent of men prefer seeing blonde girls as their lovers, 29 per cent prefer humble chestnuts, 18 per cent – hot brunettes and 6 per cent – luscious red women.

Tatyana, 36 y/o   Mariya, 28 y/o   Vika, 18 y/o

Pay attention, that all brides presented in our photo gallery are neither models nor beauties from glossy zines’ covers. They are real young women living in various cities from Lvov to Donetsk and Lugansk, from Kharkov to Odessa. They are all clients of our dating service and in search for men for marriage and family creation. Snatch an opportunity to meet your fate. A wife from Ukraine is the best present you can give to yourself…

Tina, 24 y/o   Karina, 21 y/o   Inna, 37 y/o

It is commonly believed that Ukrainian blonde women are benevolent, feminine and peaceful. A fair-haired woman is usually considered sensitive, a bit naïve, affectionate, that’s why she attracts men’s attention. To psychologists’ opinion, a blonde woman is attractive because she has a tender skin, bright (often blue) eyes. The majority of kind fairy-tale princesses are blonde. Everything connected with children evokes warmth and tenderness, and these feelings are conveyed to adult women.

Kseniya, 27 y/o   Katya, 28 y/o   Valeriya, 24 y/o

Genetically, expansion of natural blondes on our planet is mostly represented in the countries of the East and Europe (mostly in Ukraine and Russia). Anthropologists believe that it is connected with a sexual selection. A constant deficiency of men was observed in connection with severe climate and wars, and there was no lack of women. That’s why for continuation of a generation men chose only the brightest, the most feminine and beautiful women, the blonde ones. In fact, it was the reason why there are so many fair-haired women in those countries.

Elena, 27 y/o   Alexandra, 26 y/o   Oksana, 23 y/o

Fair hair wasn’t always in vogue. However, it’s quite strange. It emerged and disappeared in the course of the whole history of humanity.
For instance, there were periods when it was considered a good courtesy to be a blonde in Ancient Greece. Many beauties of Ancient Rome started to paint their hair in fair colors. In the times of Renaissance blondes were also in vogue. In Ukraine, the wave of popularity of blondes started in the beginning of the 30-ies of the former century and is continuing till now.