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Most popular dating articles:


A term ‘Ukrainian brides’ has long ago become a conventional phrase, and people find dating sites specializing at acquaintances with Ukrainian girls in search by these words. Some women are just gorgeous. Frankly speaking, the majority of guys couldn’t find such beauties or smart girls for them at home in America or Europe. A great number of smart, beautiful, and lonely girls in Ukraine lets men think that practically every woman can be bought. Ukrainian women for sale is another myth men believe for some reason


Brides by mail appeared in America not yesterday, but in the previous century. There was a catastrophic lack of women on Western coast and brides by mail were a usual thing. Such practice is still used and one can find mail brides practically in every country, not just on the Western coast. Russian and Ukrainian girls who want to marry an American are naturally the most popular. What are the real reasons for Ukrainian brides to find their family happiness abroad?


There is a popular myth that it is easy for blonde girls to find a job. In real life the statistics shows that brunettes make much better progress in career. 76% of people consider dark hair a sign of smartness. Black-haired beauties are more seriously taken by office and companies employees, they make better career and earn well. 30% of polled male employers state that they are ready to give leading positions to brunettes, while only 7% voted for blondes. However, the majority of business managers consider that a hair color has completely nothing to do with a person’s efficiency. These and many other facts about Ukrainian girls


The USA is one of the most popular countries our girls want to get married in. Is it so good to live in the USA for Ukrainian brides, and does America answer hopes for better life? There is a great number of adventures our girls get into. Moreover, American men’s stereotypes often don’t coincide with reality. He thought that he was going to take a not emancipated American as a wife, but an obedient wife from a Russian village who will stay home every day, cook and clean. And it turns out later that there are completely different things on her mind – night clubs and spending her husband’s money for nice clothes. Real stories about life of Americans married with Ukrainian girls