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Bad Ukrainian brides. Truth and speculations about unsuccessful international marriages.

Lately one may come across a word combination ‘bad Ukrainian wife/bride/woman’ in the net. So consider men whose family relationships with brides by mail from Ukraine were unsuccessful for a reason. If one considers a situation unbiased, it becomes obvious that a bad wife and a bad marriage appear when there are no feelings between a man and a woman. When human relations are replaced by a commercial deal – youth and beauty for money and resident card.

Nona from Odessa   Valeriya from Dnepropetrovsk   marina from Simferopol

Ukrainian women are much different from American and European ones. In Ukraine women are used to emphasize their female principle much more. They have a flawless appearance, a good body, wear high heels, tight clothes, short skirts, decollete, bright make-up, and in bed Ukrainian girls know how to evoke sexual wishes as western women never let themselves to do. Some people say it is vulgar, but western men can’t take their eyes off, because it works. They got out of the habit that a woman is not just a co-worker and a member of a civil society equal to a man in everything. Ukrainian girls are associated with romance, intrigue and fatal passion, and what man will want it? Even if he has from four to seven children and his wedded experience is much more than twenty. And maybe specially in this case.

Anna from Kiev   Olga from Nikolaev   Ann from Vinnitsa

It is worth just typing ‘Slavic wife’ in a browser and dozens of sites offering Ukrainian brides and brides from CIS will open for you. Girls promise to be loving, tender, devoted to their family and home, and in turn they want to have a European passport and a generous husband. A young and beautiful girl gets married with a man who is older than she is, provides her with a house, prosperity and a passport which gives her freedom. In business it’s called a deal. However, marriages and families based on such a deal turn out to be unsuccessful and a bad Russian bride is always at fault.

Natalya from Kremenchug   Marta from Krivoy Rog   Alexandra from Mariupol

Why in the situation with a ‘profitable foreign husband’ a girls is always to blame? First, Ukrainian women often overestimate their readiness to ‘love for profit whoever they want.’ In some months a husband doesn’t become closer, but quite the opposite. It turns out that he is an absolutely strange and unpleasant person and there is absolutely no wish to please him. Second, it quickly becomes visible that a man seemed to be deep-pocketed in distance only from away, and in practice he has no free money. This topic is not well understood by Ukrainians. Many of them think that if a man has his own house, a good car and he came to Ukraine in search for a wife, he is rich. And in practice he has to pay credits for all that and he has not more free money than a student does. Finally, third, it turns out that a local social status of a husband is quite low. And, in fact, a girl finds herself at the same social level where she was, only now without a dream ‘to get married successfully.’ There becomes an understanding that a deal was honest and she made a bad bargain. Men also don’t often acknowledge their mistake with a marriage of convenience, as they compare Ukrainian girls with Asian brides by mail ready for everything for a Western husband. They think that a Ukrainian wife is something like a Thai woman, just a white one. The same obedient, ready for everything and grateful for any rag that costs 10 dollars. However, it becomes obvious soon that Ukrainian bride has completely different demands from those that girls from far Philippines and Vietnam have. It turns out to be an unpleasant surprise. A man starts understanding that he is in trouble, and, naturally, blames ‘bad Ukrainian girls’ in everything.