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Is it true that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful? What is the reason of this phenomenon?

An opinion about the beauty of Ukrainian women is widespread. However, some people assert that it’s not more than a myth and they say that there are beautiful people in practically every nation. Those who have been to Ukraine during 5 minutes in Kiev metro or just in a street somewhere in Odessa, Nikolayev or Kherson could see more beautiful women than in one’s life in one’s motherland. What is the image of a special beauty of Ukrainian women, myth or reality?
Many people tried to explain why Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world. There are many versions but we’ll analyze the most likely ones.

Katya from Kiev   Ludmila from Odessa   Elena from Ulyanovka

The first version is a social one.
In its basis is a maniac passion to emancipation of western women, their fight for the so called equality with men. They have obviously overdone in this fight. They intruded to business, politics, science losing their natural inclinations, and the main one among them – continuation and preservation of humanity. In manly professions, with rare exclusions, they don’t succeed anyway. There are too little women among important politicians. And it’s normal. A woman in government is not normal, as it means her being separation from her family, children, real woman’s inclinations. The same is in business. In one of publications of Massachusetts University it was said that hair of at least 60% of women occupying leading positions recede much, and a half of them still suffer a hair loss. A woman’s mind is rational by its nature. It is oriented at current life. Men’s mind is weak in it. Violation of nature lead to degradation of women’s qualities. It’s the reason of unattractiveness of women in western countries. Everything mentioned surely exists in Ukraine. Unfortunately, not in such proportions and not such scale as in the West (read our article to make sure in it) That’s why Ukrainian women manage to keep their femininity and beauty.

Anna from Nikolaev   Ann from Kiev   Mariya from Melitopol

The second version is a hormonal one.
Hormonal balance is very important because even small problems can lead to unexpected results. A woman’s body is much more sensitive to hormones than a man’s body. They affect not only mood and sexual appeal but the whole organism (excessive weight in particular). In the West a use of DES and contraceptive hormones is widespread. Their use increased much after the Second World War even among girls of 14-15. It is quite natural that it affects a woman’s essence and her psychophysiological peculiarities negatively. Morphological changes in women became a side effect. They began to become manlike and attain traits of men. ‘Hormonal revolution’ in Ukraine took place much later when new generations of medicines which affect a woman’s organism much less emerged.

Natasha from Skvyra   Katya from Kherson   Evgeniya from Odessa

The third version is a historical one.
During the Middle Ages in Europe there was a so called ‘witch hunt’. Women were accused of witchery and burned in fires. What do you think was considered a hallmark of a witch? Yes, it was beauty. Young and beautiful women were most often burned.
In Ukraine (it was a part of Kiev Rus) a witch was never associated with a young and beautiful woman as it was in Europe. Slavs imagined a witch as an ugly old woman with a hooknose, that’s why old women who collected herbs and cured people with them became as a rule objects of witchery accusations. It turned so that elimination of a genofond which took place in Europe and in Ukraine in different times had different ways: in Europe a genofond of beautiful women was spoiled and eliminated while in Ukraine beautiful women continued their generation.

Julia from Krivoy Rog   Ernika from Kherson   Marina from Pavlograd

The fourth version is a genetic one.
Ukrainian girls are beautiful because their genofond was formed due to a mix of many nations and nationalities, beginning from ancient Slavic ones: Ulichi, Krivichi, Polans, Drevlans, Finns, Ugrs etc. to modern ones which are more than a hundred on the territory of the former Soviet Union. One should also not forget that ancestors of modern Ukrainians lived within borders much broader than now. That’s why the number of nations amenable to blood mix increased several times.
These factors seem to have played the main role in the phenomenon of Slavic girls’ beauty. That’s exactly why American and European men began to marry Ukrainian and Russian women who don’t fight for equal rights with men. No wonder that when you face a beautiful white girl in the west she is almost 80 percent a Russian, a Ukrainian or East-European one.