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The first date with a Ukrainian bride. Typical mistakes of western men

You have met a wonderful girl on a dating site. A young, beautiful Ukrainian girl responded to you with a liking and you have a romantic relationship through mail. Some time passed and you pack your things to go to Ukraine for a closer acquaintance with your bride. Airports, flights, customs – everything is behind, you are going for the first date. Catch a 2 minutes break and read the article not to make mistakes during the first date with your bride.
Well, a story for example. A young couple, a European or American man and a girl go for a cup of coffee. They are communicating in English that modern Ukrainian women know badly ( They show mutual interest but still haven’t discussed this issue as they have known each other for just a month and a half – they are on the early stage of flirtation. The man behaves as he would behave in a similar situation in his motherland – he opens a door in a café for the lady, but not more, and he doesn’t offer to pay for her. In the course of the date in the café they drink coffee, joke, speak on various topics but they don’t touch upon issues of intimate and personal character. The man tries to show his interest in the girl ¬– he smiles to her and looks at her with a long look, but doesn’t touch her. As usual, the woman leaves the initiative in man’s hands and doesn’t undertake any brave actions towards her companion as she doesn’t want to seem obtrusive.

A date made an impression on the girl that the young man wasn’t interested in her as a woman. From viewpoint of a European one he made enough to show her feelings to her but it turned to be not so. In this episode, difference became apparent between intentions of the man showed in his behavior and how the woman interpreted them, as the model of flirtation in Europe isn’t the same as a Ukrainian one.
To explain why a girl misinterpreted man’s intentions, let’s analyze her expectations. From the point of view of the lady, a man behaved not as a ‘gentleman’ in a café, he even didn’t follow a manner of behavior of a ‘real man’ in Ukraine which is showed in at least paying for a lady. The main mistake of the European guy was that he didn’t pay the lady enough attention: didn’t help her take off her coat, choose a table, order a coffee, didn’t tell her sweet words, didn’t touch her, even didn’t try to take her hand etc. As a result, he looked ‘cold’ and seemed not to have any ‘feelings’ for the girl. However, the irony is that he was trying to show her quite the opposite.

It’s only one of many examples of misunderstanding in situations in which a western man and a Ukrainian girl could be.
In such situations, partners have to adjust not just to each other but also to cultural norms, manner of behavior in the country where they live.

Important: Money is a constant problem that any family faces, the same like love. How do Ukrainian brides treat money?