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Where and how is it better meet and date Ukrainian girl? Useful tips and ideas.

The best is if you offer her a couple of variants to choose, one of which will be a traditional one (a small and a comfortable café or a restaurant) and the second one will be something like a little adventure – for example, to go on a holiday cruiser or some attractions. As for invitation to a cinema, it’s a bad variant. The thing is that this evening is for talking, while in the cinema, in half-light and roar you won’t manage to talk.
Places for meeting when the weather is warm: park, street, open café area, attractions – in general, any place where you can talk, spend time in a pleasant way and be maximally close and where there will be less outer external irritants.

In cold weather parks disappear and a choice of places becomes less. Taking into account Ukraine’s weather in winter, one should better conduct a meeting in a warm place. One can just ask a girl too choose for herself something in a shopping center. Many people note that Ukrainian women treat it with a special enthusiasm.
Besides, we want to give you 8 tips which will help you make your first date with a bride from Ukraine unforgettable. Well, you will need: Originality. A girl is expecting new bright impressions from a new acquaintance, and she probably has got an invitation to a restaurant before. And it is better not to go to a cinema. Maybe a film will interest a girl more than you. Organize a date in an unusual place, surprise a girl. She will value it as she will understand that you were trying for her.

Flowers. Flowers are a very trite attribute of the first date. But one shouldn’t reject it. All Ukrainian women like flowers. Having given them, you may get on the right side of the girl. An absence of a bouquet will make a woman think you are greedy and not serious about her.
Clothes. Having seen a guy in front of you whose appearance ‘cries out’ about his being handsome, sexy and mannered, a girl will certainly want to put him to his place, but not develop a romantic relationship with him. Just tidy and stylish clothes will be enough.
Shyness and modesty. Surely, communication on a date means excitement, but not to be unable to speak. A Ukrainian woman is also shy, but you are a man and you must control yourself.
Knowing how to listen. Even if you have to tell about yourself it’s no good to give away all the information at once. The first date means a dialogue, not a monologue. Ask a Ukrainian girl questions, as you really want to know more about her. Listen to her answers attentively.
Be a gentleman. Hold a door, push a chair, pour wine for her, help her to put on a coat – everything should be done on the first date. And be sure to switch off your phone. So is accepted in Ukraine.
Be yourself. Women always feel a deceit. You can surely lend money to throw it about, but believe, it’s not worth doing so. If a girl came to you on a date for money, she will leave you anyway as soon as she knows you don’t have it. And a woman for whom it was no difference if you have money will not forgive you a deceit.
Restraint. Sexuality and character is good, but it may scare a girl away on the first date. For a usual Ukrainian woman it will unlikely be pleasant to spend time in a company with a person who just wants to sleep with her.

Bars and clubs are not the best places for acquaintance. It is not obvious, but it is really so. How many people do you know who got acquainted with their future wife in a bar or a club? I am sure that not many. It will rather be a university or a common workplace.

Important: Money is a constant problem that any family faces, the same like love. How do Ukrainian brides treat money?