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Special women: a Ukrainian bride phenomenon guide

What are they remarkable with?

Ukrainian women are not just kinder, more careful, pleasant in communication and interested in their family than European and American ones. Another important aspect, though not the main one, is their beauty: they are well-cared-for, elegant, feminine, and attractive.
A man who once came to Kiev for the first time describes the girls’ appearance in the following way. ‘While taking a walk I saw a group of girls leaving a shop. I stood with my mouth open: they wore elegant dresses, shoes on high heels, a bright make-up. In general, they looked as models from a fashionable magazine cover. ‘Are you going on a holiday?’, I dared to ask, while I thought that they were probably going to visit a wedding or a party. But it turned out that there was nothing of the kind. They were just walking. For a Ukrainian girl it is very important to emphasize her individuality, specialness, femininity with her clothes and outer beauty. Her hair is ideally styled, she has a flawless manicure and pedicure. Besides, it is practically impossible to see a girl in sneakers. Everybody dresses after the latest fashion. A huge number of women spend the whole day on heels that can be longer than 12 cm.

Olga from Odessa   Anastasiya from Kiev   Aleksandra from Poltava

What kind of men do they like?

Girls from Ukraine prefer men who are much older. Don’t be surprised if a 20-year-old girl finds a 40-year-old man interesting. It’s quite normal, though if you lay account with a serious relationship it will be not unnecessary to weigh all pros and cons of such an unequal marriage.
Unlike western women who adore slim sporty bodies and manly faces, here are different laws of attractiveness. An intellect, sense of humor, and gallantry are valued in men. Appearance doesn’t have crucial importance, though it is absolutely important.
What else can strike a Ukrainian woman’s phantasy? A habit to smile often. Try to show your positive sunny side, but don’t overdo. There is another saying for that in Ukraine: ‘A laughter without a reason is a sign of foolishness’. Your bank account is also not of a crucial importance. Those who have a car and a flat are considered to be rich.
What should one say about alcohol? First of all there is no sense to joke about the topic of your love to vodka, a girl can dislike it. But in no way say that you are a convinced abstainer, because you will look like an alien.

Taisiya from Kharkov   Ekateryna from Kharkov   Marina from Poltava

Where and how is it better to get acquainted?

It is easy to get acquainted with a Ukrainian lady. If you are polite one will unlikely tell you where to go. At least, one will tell you a few words. Stay at the entrance to metro or on a public transport stop and look round, and ask one of girls passing buy to help you. Yes, in Europe such a scene may seem fantastic – men are used to go to specific places for getting acquainted with a girl, to clubs and discos. Forget all strategies we are used to, specify a girl who is pleasant to you and come up to her. The main thing is not to start with a too nice compliment. Ask her if she speaks English and ask her for help. Explain to her that you are for the first time in the city. Having once overcome your shyness, you will feel more sure in yourself among these beautiful ladies, looking like models in a show.

How should one behave on a date?

Ukrainian ladies don’t expect you to charm them at once. They are not living in a romantic film where everything is ideal. It may take long to win confidence of such a girl. That’s why be very attentive and don’t make wrong moves. If you look like a Casanova on the first date, she will become cool and will treat you with great suspicion. A magic word here is seriousness. Well, be attentive and don’t make mistakes showing obvious sexual intentions and gazing after a charming girl passing your table. Always stay respectful and gallant to her. If the first meeting didn’t finish with anything spicy, don’t show your disappointment to a girl.

Irina from Kherson   Arina from Odessa   irina from Simferopol

Attitude to money and richness

One can constantly here the same things about girls from Eastern Europe. They say that they are devourers of men and money, speculators, mercantile persons. In real life the fact that these girls are more interested in a foreigner’s purse than in himself looks more like a legend, not a reality. But there are special exclusions from each rule. Having met a beautiful girl, be careful if she doesn’t let you know at the first date that there are gifts needed to conquer her. It’s a clear sign that she wants to earn some money using you and vanish after that. Read more in our section ‘tips for acquaintances safety’ .
One should also add that in the countries of the former USSR all dinners are paid by a man, especially during a romantic period. If you have dated a girl who could pay for her cinema ticket or pizza earlier, forget it in Ukraine. Such an approach is not a wish to use a man, it’s just a peculiarity of mentality.
At the same time, forget the idea that a lady from Ukraine is ready to date anyone just to leave her country. Except exclusive cases, girls living in big cities (Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolayev) are not mad about the idea to leave for the West. Don’t forget that these women have deep connections with their motherland and not at any price are ready to leave it, even if it may look bad for us to leave in the country where there are frosts more than -20 C. Well, Ukrainian women are not desperate persons, they have no necessity to leave the borders of their country to feel themselves successful.

Elena from Dnepropetrovsk   Anna from Kremenchug   Alina from Nikolaev

Your wife will always be special

Usually, after getting married, European and American women change their dress of a ‘femme fatal’ to a dress of a homemaker, with hair-curlers on their heads and flannel pajamas from morning to night. A girl from Eastern Europe for whom care for her appearance is a shaping factor in relationships is unlikely to do so. She will do everything to stay hot and sexy for you
Even after many years within marriage, she will find a way to surprise you and keep passion. Sex is also an important factor. You will rarely hear a classical reason for refusal, a headache. Slavic ladies, being passionate lovers, at the same time are angels of a homely fire. They learn how to keep a household even when they are still very young. They cook very well and don’t forget to fancy. Many of them know how to sew. They turn a piece of fabric into a fashionable dress as if with a magic wand.


Family and children

Let’s consider one of western women’s dilemmas. What to choose: home or career? There is no problem for Ukrainian wives here: it doesn’t mean that you have to refuse a family for a good position. They manage to be mothers, wives, and work at the same time. A union of two people, especially if they have children is considered to be inseparable. One can separate only in special cases. Unlike women from Europe and America, they know how to fight not to lose their beloved man. In other words, you will never be bored if you marry a Ukrainian girl. If only you are not a bore yourself.
And the main tip, which this guide will give to you: hurry up! Two decades passed after the fall of the USSR. Time flies, social and economic factors change. Women also change, they become more emancipated. They widened their horizons significantly due to a possibility to travel abroad. Unfortunately, many of them started to behave themselves according to the western model, putting a career and prosperity higher than classic gamily values.
Start planning your romantic tour to Ukraine while it is not too late.