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Hot, sexy, or vulgar? The secret of attractiveness of Ukrainian women

Unfortunately, modern girls in America and Europe often exaggerate their independence’s significance. More and more masculine traits emerge: they make successful business, earn good money, rule big staffs. They are beautiful and clever. Business-like and adventurous. Elegant and strong. But question a thousand of men and you’ll know that paying tribute to all positive qualities of pushy ladies they will prefer seeing them as business partners, and in no way sexual ones. They like tender, glamorous and sensitive creatures with a woman’s qualities prevailing in them. That is how they see Ukrainian women.

Sveta from Nikolaev   Alena from Odessa   Mila from Kherson

Ukrainian girls possess a shocking magnetism. They have a special karma which attracts men and they can’t (and don’t want very much) to withstand an irresistible charm. It’s a completely simple quality which can’t be described as something single: appearance, character, body or a manner of behavior which nature gifted them with. It’s an inner world of feelings, way of life and behavior of Ukrainian women. ‘They are hot and sexy’, so men speak.

Well, what makes a girl from Russia or Ukraine sexy in the eyes of a western man?
A Ukrainian lady is always sure in her feminine attractiveness and strength, provided that this sureness doesn’t depend on body parameters and other standards of beauty. And it’s not groundless. It’s a gift which every of them possesses. It seems that incongruous things are combined in her: manners of a real lady and a free buoyancy of a simple girl, a deep sharp wit and easiness in communication, amazing courtesy and recklessness and liberality of judgment and a personal inaccessibility. She is a puzzle-woman. And nothing excites men as puzzles solving of which seems simple and obvious to them. But nothing of the kind here. As a really sexy woman doesn’t win anything – she is as she is. And it means that anyone can puzzle her out eternally.

Tatyana from Lugansk   Ulyana from Kiev   Alina from Yalta

She is not afraid of her own femininity. She doesn’t care stereotypes which turn individuals to unified and screwed-up society members. She also doesn’t care about opinion and side looks of those who are irritated by her femininity. She will be bright, attractive, benevolent, artistical, tender, bitchy, and charming as long as she is alive. She will be a real woman in any situation: she will be easy to fall in love with.
Hot, sexy and vulgar are different notions and she understands difference between them well. The first and the second one are peculiarities of a harmonious personality sure in herself, the third is a quality acquired in the course of one’s life and a striving to fit trite belief about her as an object of attention. A vulgar behavior may seem to be sexy to a limited number of people. However, sexuality is something which is taken by everybody, even if a woman doesn’t give any cause.

Ekaterina from Odessa   Mariya from Dnepropetrovsk   Elena from Krivoy Rog

She seems to convince a man that he is interesting, unusual, will be able to achieve her disposition, and maybe even live through unforgettable moment of love with her. There is a double reaction of a man to it: he imagines himself both a generous and understanding gentleman and an unruly male always ready to a sexual deed. A sexy Ukrainian woman can achieve such a reaction with just one look.
The main weapon of a Slavic girl is naturalness and sincerity. Ask any men whom he is going to prefer: a snobbish and ambitious model but a very beautiful one or a normal woman who is sincere, open, benevolent and free in display of her sexuality. By the way, men guess what a woman is like in bed by how she laughs. And will hardly look a model laughing as sincerely as a simple and cheerful girl from Russia or Ukraine.