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Which Ukrainian brides should one fear? How should one make oneself safe?

Foreigner wishing to marry a Ukrainian woman often feel a reasonable fear to make a mistake while choosing. We will try to give you some tips how to avoid it.
The most dangerous women are those for whom a marriage with a foreigner is just a way to step up. If a woman asks you about your financial state and almost is not interested in your personality, you should be wide awake. She is likely to be going to get married with your purse, not you. There are women who are not less dangerous. They are really looking for a man to marry and stay for the whole life with, but they will turn this life into a real nightmare. Who are they?

First, they are selfish women. If a woman is concentrated on herself, it will be uneasy for her to find time for you and children. You will be lucky if admiration she feels is enough for her. If she will start demanding it from you, your life will become unbearable.

Aleksandra from Novgorod   Tanya from from Odessa   Galina from Kherson

Second, real batches. Every man has at least once faced such women and know what they are like. For example, a definition of one of our male clients – a selfish, rude, lying, double-faced woman for whom a man is just an instrument for achievement of her aims. A relationship is clear here – run away as fast and as far as you can from her.

Third, silly ones. In general, a silly person is not very pleasant in communication. But a silly woman is a real disaster. She doesn’t just say foolish things, she also makes foolish things. However, a woman who is too smart is also not very good. As the Russian satirist said: ‘What for do you need a wise wife? You will always feel yourself an idiot near her’. That’s why you will have to look for a smart and educated woman, who will be wise enough not to show that she is smarter than you.

Alina from Nikolaev   Viktoriya from Berdyansk   Natalya from Kiev

Fourth, beware of heavenly beautiful women. It is well known that God gave us everything equally so that people who look great, are smart, and are easy to communicate with are quite rare to meet. Looking at a beautiful woman make sure that she has not only beauty.
Having got acquainted with a girl on a dating site and having approached a stage of a personal date pay attention at some things:
- How she behaves, if her behavior is not too vulgar and informal
- What alcoholic drinks she prefers if she drinks alcohol
- How she communicates with those surrounding her (in public transport, a restaurant, hotel, in the street). Beware of rude and flagrant women.
- How she behaves with money. For a typical Ukrainian woman it is not typical to fling her money around even if she is rich.
- Topics she is ready to discuss and means of discussing. If she is focused on her own problems and doesn’t listen to you she is not likely to fit you.
- How she behaves with children, your own and her. A real Ukrainian woman is not hard to distinguish according to her behavior with children.
- With whom she communicates. There is a saying: ‘Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are’. Even if a woman is a good actress and is able to make a good impression of her, her personal contacts will give much more information about her and much more truth, which is very important.
However, don’t be too suspicious. The main thing is not to meet your future wife in a bar, restaurant, hotel or a street at night. Read our tips where it is better to get acquainted. We wish you good luck!

Anna from Odessa   Olga from Kharkov   Alena from Kiev